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Sanel gradnja d.o.o. with headquarters in Umag, Donji Picudo 45 H, was founded at the end of 2012, as a continuation of the business of the Đim trade with a long-standing tradition and experience in providing construction services such as: restoration of old Istrian houses, stonework, grouting, attic renovation, making roofs from old beams etc. We carry out work in the entire area of Istria and beyond. Since 12 months of 2012, we have the Wienerberger certificate.


We have selected several examples of projects in which we participated. We hope you find it useful and inspiring in your stone construction and decoration projects.

Why stone?


Stone is a very durable material that can last for hundreds or even thousands of years without damage. This makes it an ideal material for the construction of permanent structures such as buildings, bridges and monuments.


Stone has natural beauty and characteristics that make it a popular material for interior and exterior decoration. Different types of stone have different colors, textures and patterns, which allows for creativity and flexibility in design.

Fire resistance

The stone is resistant to fire, which makes it an ideal material for the construction of houses and other buildings. Fire resistance also means that stone is less prone to deterioration and less risky than other materials in the event of a fire.

Environmentally acceptable

Stone is a natural material that can be recycled and used to make new products. This makes it an environmentally friendly choice for construction and decoration.

Low maintenance

The stone is resistant to weather conditions and does not require much maintenance. This means that it is less prone to decay and requires less maintenance than other materials.


Sanel Gradnja d.o.o.
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